Fourth of July at Gasworks Park

Did you see the Tyrannosaurus Rex pooping out children? The accordion playing face painters? The nauseous gravity ball riders? And did you catch that Baby Got Back sample?! The 2014 Fourth of July Seattle celebration did not disappoint! Continue reading “Fourth of July at Gasworks Park”

Solstice Flappers

Fremont Solstice Parade 2014

Did you see the solo air guitarist on the roof of the Beer Garden?  Speaker tits handing out refreshments to bikers?  The outrageous flappers dancing all funky for us? The Road Warrior style band?  Did you hear the Nintendo theme?!  Ooh, we worshipped the sun well this year, Seattle!  And the after party at Gasworks keeps getting bigger ‘n better each year.  Check out the 2014 Naked Bicyclists and the Fremont Fair’s Solstice Parade below, and make sure to come out for 2015.  It’s the most amazing event in all of Seattle! Continue reading “Fremont Solstice Parade 2014”

Best Farmer’s Market at the Center of the Universe

There’s many cool-but-costly events which bring the community together in Seattle, but if you’re looking for a free, unique year-round destination, visit the Fremont Sunday Market. Fremont is a wondrous place in itself, where time slows down, yet everyone stays active with personal hobbies and community interests. Continue reading “Best Farmer’s Market at the Center of the Universe”

Best Off-Season Beach in Seattle

Even in the Seattle drizzle, the beach is an awe-inspiring place full of wildlife, tide pools, and crazy kids willing to swim the cold waters. Golden Gardens is one of the best off-season city beaches, due to the abundance of space for activities. Its great in the summer when you need a swim and a good ice cream sandwich, but the off-season provides more availability of the grills, fire pits, and volleyball nets. There’s also an inconspicuous side of the beach for the bohemians 😉 And there’s wild beavers by the fresh water ponds! Overall, it’s a great place for everyone to hang out and participate in the entertainment and relaxation methods we’ve created here in this sandy Ballard pocket of the Pacific Northwest. Continue reading “Best Off-Season Beach in Seattle”