Ornament Giveaway on CFC

It’s my first year making holiday ornaments by hand, and while I set out to give them to family and friends, there’s just too many leftovers! So Catfight Craft is giving them away with every $60+ purchase (before shipping) on CFC’s Etsy! These trees go from just a dash of glitter to outright fabulous—and you can choose how wild you want it.

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Catfight Craft and Wallcott’s Team Up

I’m excited to announce Catfight Craft, my fine art adventure with crafting partner in crime, Brianna Wray, delivered our latest round of Leather & Lace fascinators, themed hair clips and leather works by my Dad, James Potter, to Wallcott’s in Shoreline, WA. The eclectic home furnishings & accessories gallery galore is featuring our handcrafted line, just in time for Christmas!

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Ryan Potter and Jamie Gullen Wedding Invitation Back by Bethany Potter

Get a Custom Wedding Invitation Design

If you find yourself struggling to turn ideas into designs at an affordable rate—let me help! I’m a great Visual Designer who creates beautiful fonts and illustrative layout designs. Most recently, my brother and his fiancée were happily married November 8, 2014, and I had the pleasure of designing their wedding package! Working together, we created vintage-inspired paisley flowers to match the cursive font on the invites, reception cards and RSVP’s. It was a cute twist on the traditional fall flower theme!

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Hands Down Best Doughnuts Anywhere

Hands down, the best doughnuts in the country to tickle my taste buds came from Portland, Oregon. Though Voodoo Doughnuts banks off oddly shaped concoctions of the classic frosted glaze, with toppings like bubble gum, cookie-crumble, chocolate pieces, grape sprinkles and cereal—yes, cereal—once inside, you’ll see doughnut shapes, flavors and sizes to suit anyone’s tastes. And the walls sparkle glitter! Continue reading “Hands Down Best Doughnuts Anywhere”

Solstice Flappers

Fremont Solstice Parade 2014

Did you see the solo air guitarist on the roof of the Beer Garden?  Speaker tits handing out refreshments to bikers?  The outrageous flappers dancing all funky for us? The Road Warrior style band?  Did you hear the Nintendo theme?!  Ooh, we worshipped the sun well this year, Seattle!  And the after party at Gasworks keeps getting bigger ‘n better each year.  Check out the 2014 Naked Bicyclists and the Fremont Fair’s Solstice Parade below, and make sure to come out for 2015.  It’s the most amazing event in all of Seattle! Continue reading “Fremont Solstice Parade 2014”

Best Farmer’s Market at the Center of the Universe

There’s many cool-but-costly events which bring the community together in Seattle, but if you’re looking for a free, unique year-round destination, visit the Fremont Sunday Market. Fremont is a wondrous place in itself, where time slows down, yet everyone stays active with personal hobbies and community interests. Continue reading “Best Farmer’s Market at the Center of the Universe”