Burlap Christmas Tree Ornament by Catfight Craft

Burlap Throwdown!

This month on Catfight Craft, Brianna and I duke it out to make the cutest, easiest DIY projects with BURLAP! When we found discarded coffee bags by our favorite corner shop, we couldn’t let them die in the rain. We had a gazillion ideas how to reuse them! So, we followed our individual aspirations to see who could come up with the cutest, most inventive results!

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DIY Acid Etched Glasses

As part of Catfight Craft’s 12 Happy Days of Handmade Gifts, Brianna Wray and I are revealing how to make some of the most thoughtful presents we’ve given this season! We cover a wide range of gifts that get easier to make as Christmas approaches—and they’ll satisfy anyone! From gamers, writers, comic lovers, artists, antique purveyors and food critics—there’s something for everyone on your list!

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Refinishing Metal Tiles


Dazzle your antique lovers with re-finished wares like these old metal tiles. Local flea markets and thrift stores are a great place to find ripe wares—these are from the Fremont flea market. And they made wonderful Christmas gifts last year! While one required a Dremel to remove incompatible paint, the other accepted acrylics with a hand sanding just fine. After a few hand coats of paint, more sanding and a topcoat, the finish was durable and they were amazing again!

Refinished Metal Tile, Blue

Follow the Tutorial on CFC

Hop over to Catfight Craft, my fine art partnership adventure with Brianna Wray, to follow along and refinishe your own awesome metal wares. They make great gifts!