Tough Mothers and Bad Mama Jamas

My dad, James Potter, has been busy creating all sorts of new wallet styles. He stains, punches, sews, carves and stamps hides for one-of-a-kind goodies like wallets, journals and bracelets. He works out of our Midwest home, and I photograph, list and ship his products on Catfight Craft in Seattle, WA. Continue reading “Tough Mothers and Bad Mama Jamas”

Hands Down Best Doughnuts Anywhere

Hands down, the best doughnuts in the country to tickle my taste buds came from Portland, Oregon. Though Voodoo Doughnuts banks off oddly shaped concoctions of the classic frosted glaze, with toppings like bubble gum, cookie-crumble, chocolate pieces, grape sprinkles and cereal—yes, cereal—once inside, you’ll see doughnut shapes, flavors and sizes to suit anyone’s tastes. And the walls sparkle glitter! Continue reading “Hands Down Best Doughnuts Anywhere”

Solstice Flappers

Fremont Solstice Parade 2014

Did you see the solo air guitarist on the roof of the Beer Garden?  Speaker tits handing out refreshments to bikers?  The outrageous flappers dancing all funky for us? The Road Warrior style band?  Did you hear the Nintendo theme?!  Ooh, we worshipped the sun well this year, Seattle!  And the after party at Gasworks keeps getting bigger ‘n better each year.  Check out the 2014 Naked Bicyclists and the Fremont Fair’s Solstice Parade below, and make sure to come out for 2015.  It’s the most amazing event in all of Seattle! Continue reading “Fremont Solstice Parade 2014”

Celebrate 10 Years with Me!

It’s been 10 years since I started my career in design, under the wings of two brilliant musicians / designers at Hotcards Columbus (now Fireball Press). Check out my design portfolio—It’s a delightful schmattering of print promotions from back in the day, modern user experience designs, illustrations and pixel-perfect production art. If you’re interested connecting, I love collaborating— contact me with inquiries. Thanks!

Best Farmer’s Market at the Center of the Universe

There’s many cool-but-costly events which bring the community together in Seattle, but if you’re looking for a free, unique year-round destination, visit the Fremont Sunday Market. Fremont is a wondrous place in itself, where time slows down, yet everyone stays active with personal hobbies and community interests. Continue reading “Best Farmer’s Market at the Center of the Universe”

Best Off-Season Beach in Seattle

Even in the Seattle drizzle, the beach is an awe-inspiring place full of wildlife, tide pools, and crazy kids willing to swim the cold waters. Golden Gardens is one of the best off-season city beaches, due to the abundance of space for activities. Its great in the summer when you need a swim and a good ice cream sandwich, but the off-season provides more availability of the grills, fire pits, and volleyball nets. There’s also an inconspicuous side of the beach for the bohemians 😉 And there’s wild beavers by the fresh water ponds! Overall, it’s a great place for everyone to hang out and participate in the entertainment and relaxation methods we’ve created here in this sandy Ballard pocket of the Pacific Northwest. Continue reading “Best Off-Season Beach in Seattle”

Champagne Steampunk Fascinator

Designed using genuine leather, real feathers, a vintage button center, and 3 different satin and tool fabrics, this clip is for everyday wear on purses, jackets, or in the hair. Custom orders are available as well, within a 2-3 week timeframe.

Visit, an artistic adventure with my stylish Seattleite friend, to see our tutorials, creative challenges and finished products like this fascinator for sale. Continue reading “Champagne Steampunk Fascinator”

Purple Passion Fascinator

Made as a birthday gift to compliment a badass lady as fabulous as the color purple is on Prince, this riveting fascinator is the centerpiece of any and all occasions. It consists of new and upcycled contents, including sexy satin blends, Victorian lace, tulle and a rhinestone purchased from the local farmer’s market. While this one-of-a-kind flower clip has already been given to the lucky birthday lady, other fabulous fascinators have just been unleashed unto the world on Catfight Craft Etsy. Continue reading “Purple Passion Fascinator”

Refinishing Metal Tiles


Dazzle your antique lovers with re-finished wares like these old metal tiles. Local flea markets and thrift stores are a great place to find ripe wares—these are from the Fremont flea market. And they made wonderful Christmas gifts last year! While one required a Dremel to remove incompatible paint, the other accepted acrylics with a hand sanding just fine. After a few hand coats of paint, more sanding and a topcoat, the finish was durable and they were amazing again!

Refinished Metal Tile, Blue

Follow the Tutorial on CFC

Hop over to Catfight Craft, my fine art partnership adventure with Brianna Wray, to follow along and refinishe your own awesome metal wares. They make great gifts!