Microsoft Get Help Feature

MS Support

Microsoft Get Help Tablet and Desktop Experience

Role: Create cohesive, up-to-date branded support experience for Microsoft //GetHelp business partners

Results: Working closely with Partners and Developers to solve complex navigation systems by examining user scopes, we aligned the brand to Microsoft One initiatives across responsive web, tablet and mobile platforms. Clear communication and pixel-perfect red lines helped seamlessly merge //GetHelp into the Microsoft family, while each brand retained it’s integrity.

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Wire FramesMicrosoft GetHelp Wireframes

Version 1Microsoft-GetHelp-User-Experience-V1b

Version 2Microsoft-GetHelp-User-Experience-V2

Version 3Microsoft-GetHelp-User-Experience-V3-3col

Red LinesMicrosoft-GetHelp-User-Experience-V4-redlines

Icon ExplorationsMicrosost-GetHelp-Icon-Color-Proposals

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