Catfight Craft

Brianna Wray and I make a lot of art together. Whether the goal is targeted, or we’re freestyle slingin’ paint, our creative ideas are pouring out! So, we created a website to showcase the everyday value of our diverse talents. It’s called Catfight Craft—and our goal is to foster an appreciation for both individual creativity and collaborative efforts, while showing your how we rock our faces off in the process!

My Dad even got involved when he started making leather goods last summer—now we call him Hoosier Leather Daddy (’cause he’s from Indiana – get it? ain’t it clever?!)!

When something inspires us, we create new recipes, funky music, wearable fashions and awesome handmade art! Check out the power of our ideas combined on →


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Homemade Hot Chocolate by Catfight Craft

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