Dan Whited

This season’s apple pressing at Dan Whited’s house was no joke! Friends and family came together to sanitize, ground, and press apples all afternoon— and we drank tons of fresh juice an’ whiskey throughout the process! Dan also served blackberry cider he made at last year’s pressing. All in all, we juiced enough apples to make at least 35 gallons of cider. Check it out!


First, we bleached the apples a bit to get the animal eewies off. Then, because of the drought this year, apples were a little buggy, so we had to get up in there to cut those parts out.

Then, we ground apples to bits n pieces in Dan’s homemade grinder wheel, and used a bucket underneath to collect the pulpy bits.

Next, we dumped the pieces into Dan’s big-ass press, made of wood, an iron crank and super heavy duty cloth.  The apple bits go into the wooden box, the cloth gets folded around them, the wooden box is removed, and then wooden planks are stacked on top. As someone turns the crank to apply pressure, voila: juice!

Everyone had a job that day, including the little girl, twirling hair, lookin’ all cute! Then there was this guy, who provided the music!



And there was also a metal grinder/juicer combo machine.

Then we dump them apple bittles, and do it all over again!


We bottled enough juice for everyone to take at least a gallon, on top of what Dan turns into cider. It was fantastic!

Thanks, Dan! If you went to the event and would like copies of the pictures, email me: Or get copies soon from Dan. I hope to see you all at next year’s pressing!




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