Hands Down Best Doughnuts Anywhere

Hands down, the best doughnuts in the country to tickle my taste buds came from Portland, Oregon. Though Voodoo Doughnuts banks off oddly shaped concoctions of the classic frosted glaze, with toppings like bubble gum, cookie-crumble, chocolate pieces, grape sprinkles and cereal—yes, cereal—once inside, you’ll see doughnut shapes, flavors and sizes to suit anyone’s tastes. And the walls sparkle glitter! Continue reading “Hands Down Best Doughnuts Anywhere”

Best Off-Season Beach in Seattle

Even in the Seattle drizzle, the beach is an awe-inspiring place full of wildlife, tide pools, and crazy kids willing to swim the cold waters. Golden Gardens is one of the best off-season city beaches, due to the abundance of space for activities. Its great in the summer when you need a swim and a good ice cream sandwich, but the off-season provides more availability of the grills, fire pits, and volleyball nets. There’s also an inconspicuous side of the beach for the bohemians 😉 And there’s wild beavers by the fresh water ponds! Overall, it’s a great place for everyone to hang out and participate in the entertainment and relaxation methods we’ve created here in this sandy Ballard pocket of the Pacific Northwest. Continue reading “Best Off-Season Beach in Seattle”