Cannabis Tees coming for Christmas

Cannabis and Snowboard Art

Meet Kushirt! Fred Fletcher and his wife, the owners of in Humboldt, CA, have sourced artists from across the nation—including me!—to produce original artwork for 100% sweatshop free shirts. And they’re made in the USA! The designs span a range of styles, from old cannabis medical label reproductions, to decorative art embodying each strain’s name, to thought-provoking designs—as well as the typical punny stuff. Continue reading “Cannabis Tees coming for Christmas”

Ryan Potter and Jamie Gullen Wedding Invitation Back by Bethany Potter

Get a Custom Wedding Invitation Design

If you find yourself struggling to turn ideas into designs at an affordable rate—let me help! I’m a great Visual Designer who creates beautiful fonts and illustrative layout designs. Most recently, my brother and his fiancée were happily married November 8, 2014, and I had the pleasure of designing their wedding package! Working together, we created vintage-inspired paisley flowers to match the cursive font on the invites, reception cards and RSVP’s. It was a cute twist on the traditional fall flower theme!

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Celebrate 10 Years with Me!

It’s been 10 years since I started my career in design, under the wings of two brilliant musicians / designers at Hotcards Columbus (now Fireball Press). Check out my design portfolio—It’s a delightful schmattering of print promotions from back in the day, modern user experience designs, illustrations and pixel-perfect production art. If you’re interested connecting, I love collaborating— contact me with inquiries. Thanks!