Burlap Christmas Tree Ornament by Catfight Craft

Burlap Throwdown!

This month on Catfight Craft, Brianna and I duke it out to make the cutest, easiest DIY projects with BURLAP! When we found discarded coffee bags by our favorite corner shop, we couldn’t let them die in the rain. We had a gazillion ideas how to reuse them! So, we followed our individual aspirations to see who could come up with the cutest, most inventive results!

Burlap Ornaments, Cards & More

Check out our Awesome 2014 DIY Burlap Projects and discover easy ways to use this hot, raw material this holiday season—including wall art, ornaments, bags and more!

Need More Ideas?

Brianna and I have been posting all sorts of DIY projects on CatfightCraft.com daily for the Christmas season! Follow our easy tutorials to make something awesome for everyone on your list—from the antique lovers & foodies, to the comic lovers and artists, we’ve got your next project idea!

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