Handcrafted Holiday Gifts

If you wish you could give a fun handmade gift this season, but are pressed for time, my buddy Brianna, Pops and I made some great Leather & Lace Fascinators, Bracelets, Journals and Wallets this year—all available on Catfight Craft’s Etsy!

There’s something for everyone!

And there’s last minute gift ideas you could whip up with the right ingredients on hand, just follow Catfight Craft’s 12 Happy Days of Handcrafted Gifts posts, starting tomorrow with acid etched cups! There’s ideas for everyone on your list— from gamers, comic book lovers, writers and artists to the ever-so-hard-to-please mothers.


These bracelets are handcrafted by my Dad, James Potter, out of our Indiana home. He makes all sorts of swanky, strappy rockstar styles, as well as stamped, carved and studded cuffs like these!

Daddy Likes Leather Bracelets


Brianna Wray and I make these fabulous fascinators out of Seattle, WA. We use new, vintage and upcycled materials to create long-lasting wearable works of art.

Handcrafted Hair Clips by Catfight Craft

Leather Journals

James Potter makes these detailed leather journal covers with replaceable notebooks. He starts with natural pieces of leather than stains, stamps, carves, and hand sews these durable beauties.

Winter Trees Leather Journal with replaceable notebook

Leather Wallets

James also makes these leather wallets out of our Indiana home. His favorite styles are pretty minimalist and highlight the distressed texture of each piece.

Pine Trees in Plum Leather Wallet

Ya Want More?!

Check out our DIY projects and the Awesome Burlap Throwdown coming soon to Catfight Craft, where Brianna and I duke it out to see who can come up with the easiest, most inventive ways to reuse discarded burlap. Everyone loves something handmade when you’ve put thought and energy into it!

Happy Holidays!


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