Three Woots to Thanksgiving

There’s been some good parties, crafting adventures and generally amazing times in this growing city that’s feeling more and more like home, and I wanna partake in the holiday tradition, and share why I’m thankful!

Woot! Woot! Woot!

First, I’ve expanded my creative horizons with crafting partner in crime, Brianna Wray— and our fine art blogging adventure wouldn’t have become a reality if we weren’t pushing ourselves everyday. Creativity is vital to growth, because it’s empowering in the simplest ways. It can be enlightening to reflect upon written thoughts. Surrounding yourself with your favorite color can be comforting. Accessorizing can make you feel glamorous, just like smells can make you reminisce. No matter how minimal or decorative our expressions, we live richer lifestyles because of the handcrafted goodness we’ve made this year, and I’m thankful to share our adventures with everyone on Catfight Craft!

As always, I’m thankful for my crazy family who come together when it counts, and sometimes just to catch up. They stop in Margaritaville once a week and I wish I could be there with everyone, but I’m glad someone’s holding down the Fort. Parties don’t make themselves, people!

And though I dream of warm beaches and rainforests nightly, I’m thankful for being able to visit the wild coasts and volcanoes of Washington. My eclectic neighborhood has some beautiful views, as well as imaginative, quirky people who I wish I’d met earlier in life. I worked hard to get here, and I expect the coming year to be even more challenging and rewarding. I’ve realized I’m a glass half empty kinda gal—I prefer my glass to be spilling over, actually, to the point I need a bigger one, and want to blow the sand into a crystal cup myself—and I’m thankful for being able to explore what makes life worth living this past year, even if I did overstuff it with expeditions, art nites and local rendezvous.

I’m also thankful this year’s feast was at my house, because I host great events with a plethora of decadent homemade food, friends and fun times all around! I planned to watch Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation, or A Christmas Story, cut out paper snowflakes, and brainstorm unique gift ideas for our friends and families. Fun! Fun! We didn’t get to any of that, dinner took so long, and was so filling. But look how happy they are, even with full mouths! The food was that great!!!

See you after the holidays!

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