Catfight Craft and Wallcott’s Team Up

I’m excited to announce Catfight Craft, my fine art adventure with crafting partner in crime, Brianna Wray, delivered our latest round of Leather & Lace fascinators, themed hair clips and leather works by my Dad, James Potter, to Wallcott’s in Shoreline, WA. The eclectic home furnishings & accessories gallery galore is featuring our handcrafted line, just in time for Christmas!

Meet Wallcott’s

Leather & Lace Fascinators

Handmade with love, the Leather & Lace fascinators are one-of-a-kind wearable works of art. The classic flower hair clips were made with themes in mind, like Seahawks, Harley Quinn, and Soft & Sexy. They can be custom made to include beaded leather leaves, responsibly sourced macaw, pheasant and ostrich feathers, dangling gold, rose gold or silver chains, and vintage button centers. We upcycle glass and metal buttons, gems and rhinestones to make the perfect dazzling center for each fascinator. Sealed fabric petals are hand sewn to felt backing, and come with steel alligator clips, which are usually reversible. They can also accommodate bobby pins and headbands, or a pin can be sewn on for wear on jackets.

Dad’s Leather Works

Dad’s Leather Works start with natural pieces of leather he cuts, stains, and hand sews into something functional. His minimalist wallets are a new style he’s been working on, and hold approximately 8 cards. The recycled belt bracelets make good use of old belts that were too cute to toss! His handcrafted bracelets are pretty snazzy, too, and come with carvings, stampings or a new style with slits showing the natural color in between. And the carved leather journals start from a simple template of outlines made in plastic, then he fills in the details to create a mood. Each leather piece is one-of-a-kind due to variations in leather, how stain is accepted, and the unique carving and patterning Dad adds to the surface.

Visit the Shop


To see our new line in person, visit Wallcott’s:
18336 Aurora Avenue Ste. 105
Shoreline, WA 98133
Mon-Sat 10am – 8pm; Sunday 11am – 6pm

See More on Etsy


Check out our Catfight Craft Etsy favorites for more Leather & Lace and Dad’s Leather Works.

Order a Custom Piece

We’re happy to design something for your sweetheart, special event, or everyday use! Contact with questions/inquiries.


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