Cannabis Tees coming for Christmas

Cannabis and Snowboard Art

Meet Kushirt! Fred Fletcher and his wife, the owners of in Humboldt, CA, have sourced artists from across the nation—including me!—to produce original artwork for 100% sweatshop free shirts. And they’re made in the USA! The designs span a range of styles, from old cannabis medical label reproductions, to decorative art embodying each strain’s name, to thought-provoking designs—as well as the typical punny stuff.

Original Illustration for Kushirt

 Cannabis And Snowboard High Five on

This epic high five Ganja Leaf Meets Snowboard t-shirt design was illustrated specifically for Kushirt. View a rough draft of the Ganja Leaf meets Snowboard tee being printed soon on Instagram, and follow Kushirt on Facebook for specific release dates. All sorts of cannabis tees will be available mid-December!

Commission your own Cannabis Designs

The original illustration is owned by Fred Fletcher © 2014, and is non reproducible. Buuuuuut, if you’re interested in commissioning original cannabis art for your promotions, contact me for design rates and turnaround times.

Thanks! —Bethany

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