Best Off-Season Beach in Seattle

Even in the Seattle drizzle, the beach is an awe-inspiring place full of wildlife, tide pools, and crazy kids willing to swim the cold waters. Golden Gardens is one of the best off-season city beaches, due to the abundance of space for activities. Its great in the summer when you need a swim and a good ice cream sandwich, but the off-season provides more availability of the grills, fire pits, and volleyball nets. There’s also an inconspicuous side of the beach for the bohemians 😉 And there’s wild beavers by the fresh water ponds! Overall, it’s a great place for everyone to hang out and participate in the entertainment and relaxation methods we’ve created here in this sandy Ballard pocket of the Pacific Northwest.

GoldenGardens_BehindtheRocksGoldenGardensGarrett GoldenGardens_SunsetSailors

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Pistol Pix Watermark by Bethany Potter

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